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Beautiful View From Red Hook Mountain!

Today Judi Rosenthal & Leah Blanco hiked up to Red Hook Mountain…these ladies can’t sit still they’re always on the go!!  Great job Judi & Leah and beautiful pictures!


Leah Blanco & Judi Rosenthal

Red Hook


A new Gentle Restorative Healing Chair Yoga class has been added to the curriculum at SBCW at the pool!  Sharon Treinkman a professional therapeutic yoga instructor leads the class every Sunday at 10 am and the cost is $20 per person.  Sharon teaches the art of relaxation, breathing, stretching and balance.  Check the calendar to see dates for upcoming classes.  Feel free to join it’s good for the soul!!

Attendees:  Instructor Sharon Treinkman, Leah Blanco, Myrna Golden, Judi Rosenthal, Leslie Farrington & Honey Fein


Exercise with the Water Lilies!!

Each morning Monday through Saturday at 10 am you can join the low impact water aerobics headed by Rhona Prensky.  It’s a great way to get a little exercise and spend some social time at the pool.  See below video & pictures!


The Group L to R:  Peggy Dzio, Jack Green, Barbara Yellen, Leslie Griggs, Candy Richardson, Rhona Prensky, Jack Green, Honey Fein, Myrna Golden, Valerie Green, Judi Rosenthal, Anne (Renter), Jack Golden & Leah Blanco


L to R: Leslie Griggs, Candy Richardson,        L to R: Peggy Dzio, Jack & Barbara Yellen

Rhona Prensky, Jack Green & Honey Fein

L to R: Myrna Golden, Valerie Green, Judi Rosenthal, Anne (renter), Jack Golden & Leah Blanco

Great Cocktail Party at the Reed’s Place!

Was a wonderful gathering on 3/18 at a beautifully decorated condo at Kathleen & Tom Reed’s place. Everyone enjoyed & appreciated the impromptu cocktail party.  Thanks so much to Kathleen & Tom!!  Who’s next??!!!

Some pictures from the evening…sorry if I didn’t get to take your picture!!


Richard Butterfield,                       Diane, Almera, Monique,   Jack Green, Bill Dzio & Jim Wozniak

Jack Yellen & Tom Reed              Leah Blanco & Honey Fein

Buddy Prensky                           Top l to r: Honey Fein,              Cathy & Chris Waugh

Kathleen Reed,Valerie Green, Rhona Parensky & Myrna Golden

Peggy Dzio

Rave Reviews for Stone House Cafe!!

Some owners recently went to Eddie Gazawie’s new place the Stone House Cafe downtown Charlotte Amalie and gave it a thumb’s up!!  Food and drinks amazing!!  So spread the word that this place is definitely worth the trip and also to support our fellow neighbor Eddie.

SBCW Owners Chris & Cathy Waugh and Proprietor and SBCW Owner Eddie Gazawie

SBCW Owners: Buddy & Rhona Prensky, Judy Rosenthal, Barbara & Jack Yellen

Refreshing Drinks!!                      Grilled Cheese on Texas toast


Smoked Tomato Soup            Chicken & Shrimp Bowtie Pasta



On December 26, 2018 a tree was dedicated in the memory of Arthur Rosenthal by his wife Judy Rosenthal and his sister Myrna Golden.  Placed on the grounds by “A” Building across from the A11 stairway.

Thank you and may the tree and Arthur’s memory thrive in paradise!




Barbara & Jack Yellen’s Oasis – By: Dawn Wozniak

I had the pleasure of visiting the Yellen’s when I was on island in December. I wanted to do a story about their new backyard clean-up and additions.  But what I found along with the yard was also a beautiful piece of art!  But first I was able to find out a little about what made them choose St. Thomas and Sapphire Bay West Condominiums. The Yellen’s have been coming to the island since 1970.  When they first visited on vacation they rented C25 at the complex and loved it so much they bought a condo. Barbara said “It’s a great place for families and it’s a wonderful community where you can make many good friends along the way. We also have one of the best beaches on island!”  In looking back Barbara spoke about the tennis tournaments, New Year’s Eve parties and how it was very active in those days.  She said “believe it or not we had a rental program ran by the owners!”  They love the informality of the island, the beaches and St. John but most of all the people in the community who are so friendly.  They hope the friendliness and sense of community keeps going for years to come.

Below are a few pictures of their patio, planters and new hibiscus flowers.  For those of you who don’t know me I’m an art fanatic so when I walked onto their porch there was an amazing piece of art made of shells and steel staples which form the butterflies!  So unbelievable!  Apparently, fellow owner Myrna Golden’s father Arthur Rosenthal Sr. (past owner) made 3 of these incredible pieces which were on the backs of the front doors in the complex (see below pictures).

I want to thank the Yellen’s for taking time out of there day to share their story with me.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and if you have anything you’d like to share for future stories just email me at

Dawn Wozniak


Barbara & Jack Yellin enjoying their new patio & garden

The piece is about 6 feet and look at the butterfly made out of steel staples you can see this in the 3rd photo!!

Such detail!! Amazing!!  Hope to find the other 2 pieces!!